The First Amendment Foundation protects all Floridians' rights to freely express themselves and access information, regardless of party affiliation. Our services and mission are critical to furthering public debate, advancing government transparency, and protecting your right to know. FAF is a highly visible and accessible source of expertise and assistance to the public, government, business, and news media. Join our community and take your place on the frontlines to defend Floridians' First Amendment Rights.

Threats to speech, government transparency, and your access to public records are constant. Our efforts to fight for your rights are also tireless. Catch up on the latest news and developments about your rights and our efforts to protect them. 

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Florida’s constitution guarantees the right to assembly, protest, speech, and access to records and government meetings. First Amendment Foundation protects all Floridians' rights to speak, hear, and know.

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A Message From FAF's Executive Director

Welcome to the new and improved First Amendment Foundation website!

No matter your political party or affiliation, we warmly welcome you to a corner of the internet dedicated to protecting and promoting your Constitutional rights to free expression. Our mission is to ensure that you can speak freely, hear the views that interest you, and know what your government does in your name. Our website is a hub of resources designed to help you safeguard everyone's First Amendment rights. Here, you'll find valuable information on the state of free speech, open government, and access to public information. We are proud to offer a platform that is inclusive and welcoming.

This website is for everyone: authors, lawyers, public speakers, newspaper reporters, broadcast journalists, corporate executives, community leaders, elected officials, data scientists, university students, educators, and everyday social media enthusiasts. It is a place where you can celebrate your freedoms, sound alarms about threats, or discuss strategies to protect our shared rights. Explore our new site to create and join communities that matter to you. Welcome to your new home for First Amendment news, open government, and public information! And thank you for being a part of our mission!